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Want to start newspaper service in Munhall? Below are the providers of daily, home-delivery newspaper providers.
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is a daily, home-delivered newspaper covering the greater Pittsburgh area.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette offers daily home-delivery service and covers the Greater Pittsburgh area.
McKeesport Daily News
The McKeesport Daily news offers daily home-delivery newspaper service with comprehensive coverage of the Steel Valley area.
The Valley Mirror
A weekly publication with an emphasis on local news in the Steel Valley.

Please call 911 for any emergency or to speak to an officer.


1. Please let us know where POTHOLES need filled.

We are NOT paving streets or allies at this time.

You can fill out the form under the "Let Us Know" tab,

or email us at info@munhallpa.us

You may print here.



You can now view our council meetings via YouTube!

 Need to contact the Borough Tax Office?

You can now dial direct... 412-464-7315

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