1900 West Street
Munhall, PA 15120
Phone: 412-464-7310
Fax: 412-464-0462

Garbage and Recycling

Munhall Borough provides weekly, residential collection of normal, household garbage either curbside, in alley or in another designated area.

Garbage Fees are $55.00 per quarter for a total of $220.00 per year.

The Borough of Munhall recognizes the following holidays: New Years Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Day After Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.  Please note, garbage will be delayed by a day of one or more of the above holidays fall Monday through Thursday.  Please refer to the event calendar on this website for information regarding Borough holidays.

A maximum of ten (10) garbage bags or two (2) trash cans will be collected.

Cans may not be larger than 33 gallons and must have handles.

Garbage should be placed into trash bags that are sealed, or garbage cans.  Please be mindful of the weight of both cans and bags.  Overweight cans and bags may be refused.  For example, a garbage bag filled with books and magazines, that has a propensity to rip when lifted, may be refused. Bags or containers over 40 pounds may be refused.

Most household waste will be collected from your residence.  You may occasionally place a larger item, such as a couch, piece of wooden furniture or mattress out with your regular garbage.  If it will fit into the truck easily, and can be crushed, we will collect it.  No more than two pieces at a time. Certain restrictions apply.

Metal Items such as file cabinets, bicycles, metal shelving, and all other metal items are collected once per month on the last working Friday of the month.  If you have a metal item you need to dispose of, a special request is required.  This service is free to Borough residents.  Please use our online contact form to request this special pickup, to contact us click here.

Multiple Item Pick Up service is available to all Borough residents.  The Multiple Item Pickup service is to be used, for instance, when you are cleaning out a house or apartment, or have an abnormally large amount of garbage to be collected.  There is a fee of $150 for this service. Please use our online contact form to request this special pickup, to contact us click here.

The Borough now has a curbside television pick up service. The fee is $15.00 per television. To register the pick up, you must contact the Borough Administration Office, 412-464-7310 x 5. Credit/debit card payments can be made over the phone. Cash/check payments must be made prior to pick up, at the Borough Administration office, 1900 West Street, Munhall, PA, 15120.

Freon Containing Devices, such as refrigerators (see below for information about the Duquesne Light Recycling Program), window air conditioners, freezers, dehumidifiers, water coolers and other devices are no longer collected by the Borough of Munhall. In order to be in strict compliance with Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection regulations governing the recycling of freon, all freon-containing appliances will now be recycled by Appliance Disposal. To visit their website click here or call 888-GO-FREON. There may be a small charge to use their services.

Brush, Tree Trimmings and Christmas Trees will be picked up by the Borough as a special request.  Brush, branches and trees should be bundled or cut into 4 - 5 foot lengths and placed at your normal trash collection location. This is a free service for Borough Residents, but a special request is required for this service. Please contact the Borough Office by 4:30 pm on Thursday as all brush is picked up on Friday. Please use our online contact form to request this special pickup. Leaf Waste can be bagged in a paper bag and will be picked up with your regular garbage.

Hazardous Waste will not be collected by Munhall Borough. To find the next hazardous waste collection event click here.

​​​Pennsylvania State law requires all electronic devices be recycled through a county program. The municipality will not accept computers or any monitors over 4 inches in length or width.

Munhall Borough offers Commercial Waste Services, for more information click here.

Recycling Information

Munhall Borough is proud to offer Recycling Services to its residents.  Each household should have a yellow or orange bin for recycling. Your bin color will depend on the street in which you live. If you are unsure of the color bin you need, please feel free to download color coded map (pdf) or contact the Borough office at 1-412-464-7310 x 5.

Recycling is picked up every other week.  Your recycling pick up week corresponds to the color of your bin, which is shown on the recycling calendar (yellow or orange).

Click here for Calendar: 2018 Recycling Calendar

You do not have to sort glass, metal and plastic.

Clear glass and colored glass shall be emptied, cleaned and placed in Borough provided sturdy, reusable containers.

Aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans shall be emptied, cleaned and placed in Borough provided sturdy, reusable containers.

Cardboard, newspaper and office paper are to be placed in paper bags, boxes or in Borough provided sturdy, reusable containers.

If you need more bins, purchase a new dark-blue recycle can, use a cardboard box if you wish or the Borough office also has Recycling stickers to place on a regular garbage can. If you need the recycling stickers, please feel free to contact the Borough office at 412-464-7310 x 5.

Hard to Recycle Items? Click Here

Commercial Recycling

Munhall Borough now offers two commercial recycling drop off locations. The first is located behind the Borough building at 1900 West Street and in addition there are two bins located in Longfellow Housing complex. Acceptable items are newspaper, cardboard, bottles, cans, aluminum or steel and plastic bottles. No building materials. Please feel free to contact the Borough Administration Offices if you have any questions, 412-464-7310 x 5.

A Borough ordinance requires business to report the amount of materials they recycle each year.  Click here to download information and the Annual Recycling Report.

An Important Note Regarding Freon-Containing Appliances

The Borough of Munhall, in order to comply with strict Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection regulations governing freon-containing devices and the recycling thereof, is NO LONGER COLLECTING FREON-CONTAINING DEVICES. These devices include refrigerators, window air-conditioners, water coolers, dehumidifiers, etc. As a service to our residents, we previously collected these items. Because there is always the risk of freon leaking during the handling or collection of these items, we can no longer collect them.

If you need to dispose of a refrigerator (see below for information on Duquesne Lights Refrigerator Recycling Program), window air-conditioner, dehumidifier, water cooler or other freon-containing device, click here to be directed to Appliance Disposal, an authorized recycler or call them at 888-GO-FREON or 888-463-7366.

Currently, Duquesne Light has a refrigerator recycling program. If the refrigerator is in working condition, they will pick up and apply a rebate of $35.00 to your bill. Please feel free to contact them via their website by clicking here to learn more information about the program and schedule a pick up.