Welcome to Munhall Borough
Mayor & Council
Raymond Bodnar, Mayor

Joseph Ballas - Chair of the Public Services Committee

Rob Falce, President Pro-Tem. Chair of the Parks and Recreation Committee

Richard Votedian, Chair of the Public Safety Committee

A lifelong Munhall resident, Richard Votedian is a member of Munhall Council.  Says Mr. Votedian, "I'm always available to discuss any questions or concerns regarding our community."

Mr. Votedian has served our community as a Volunteer Firefighter for the past 48 a years, a remarkable longevity record, and is President of the Munhall Fire Relief Association.

Bernard Shields, Chair of the Fire and Emergency Committee

Dan Lloyd, Council President

Dan Lloyd was elected to Council in November, 2007.

Mr. Lloyd is a 3rd generation, lifelong Munhall resident and is a local business owner. Always active in the community, Mr. Lloyd sits on numerous Boards and volunteers his time to many community organizations.

He is the father of Bradley and Leslie Ann.

Harvey Inglis, Council Vice President. Chair of the  Public Works Committee

For a medical emergency please please dial 911 for an ambulance

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